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    ▶ The background photo was taken at Astronomical Observatory in Huairou, Beijing, 2017.

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    "How about doing something equivariantly?"

    ▶ The background photo was taken in Chicago, 2018.

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Who Am I?

Hi I'm Jinghui Albert Yang (杨景辉).

You may pronounce my name as "Jeeng-whee." Starting Aug 2023, I am a PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania. I received my Bachelor's Degree in math from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, May 2021, and my Master's Degree in math at the University of Oxford, Jul 2022. Here is my CV (Last modified: Oct 2022).

My interest area is the homotopy theory. In particular, I am interested in topics in algebraic K-theory, chromatic/equivariant/motivic (stable) homotopy theory.

I was the co-host of the seminar on Homological Mirror Symmetry in Oxford, Jun 2022-Present. See here.

Watch this funny video about Klein bottle made by myself!

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My Specialty

My Skills

Before I transferred to math major, I was a student in CS major. Here are some of programming languages I can master with a corresponding skill level visualized in progress bar.













I am super interested in the recent development of AIGC (though I intend no profession in this area). Feel free to blast my brain with ultra-exciting things you know about the related technology!



Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania, Aug 2023-present.

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M.S. in Mathematics, University of Oxford, Jul 2022.

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Research Experience for Undergraduates, University of Chicago, Jun 2020 - Oct 2020.

Supervisor: Peter May, Hana Jia Kong.

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B.S. in Mathematics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Aug 2018 - May 2021.

I was awarded the Most Outstanding Student in Mathematics Major, Mar 2021. More Details...


I received my high school diploma from Hefei No.8 High School, Anhui, China, in 2016. There, I spent the happiest three years and met my future wife.

Photo of my high school 1 Photo of my high school 2

Work Experience

Asset Management Intern Jun-Sep 2021

I was engaged in investment banking at the Department of Asset Management, Guoyuan Securities Co. The main task is to analyze market conditions, select the best investment portfolio for clients, and assist in managing various asset management projects. I created a program to analyze several indicators of private equity funds (such as the Sharpe ratio).

My Research

Recent Research

  • Algebraic K-theory. Seminar at Fudan University and SCMS, Spring 2023. Supervisor: Guozhen Wang.
    • I will give a talk about the universal characterization of algebraic K-theory. Date TBD. Slides under construction.
  • Chromatic Homotopy Theory. Seminar at Fudan University and SCMS, Fall 2022. Supervisor: Guozhen Wang. You can review here.(last updated: Dec 30, 2022)
  • Prismatic Cohomology. Fall 2022. See my notes here.
  • Advanced Algebraic Topology. Fall 2022. See my notes here (last updated: Dec 27, 2022).

Past Papers

  • Homotopy Type Theory and Homotopy Groups of Spheres, Apr 2022. pdf here.
  • Algebraic K-theory and Trace Method, 2020 REU at University of Chicago. pdf here.
  • Bredon Cohomology and Smith Theory, May 2020. pdf here.
  • Report on Riemann-Roch Theorem, Dec 2019. pdf here.
  • Homological Algebra of Quiver Representations, May 2019. You can view the poster here.

Past Talks

  • A Taste of Bott Periodicity, Dec 2019. pdf here.
  • Intro to Turán’s Method, Nov 2019.
    This is about Turán’s method towards exponential sum, based on Chapter 5 of Ten Lectures on the Interface Between Analytic Number Theory and Harmonic Analysis by Hugh L. Montgomery. No typed pdf available.
  • Kuratowski 14-Sets Theorem and Related Classifications of Topological Spaces via K-numbers, Oct 2019. No typed pdf, but you may find info here.
  • The Number N(T) and N(T, χ), Mar 2019. pdf here.
  • Perron’s Formula, Nov 2018. pdf here.

Course Notes

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Art Gallery


I am a big fan of astronomy. Previously, I was the president of the astronomy club at the university. Below are some photographs (taken by members) of the observation of the Gemini Meteor Shower in Huairou, Beijing, organized by me in Dec 2017.


Taken by Yang An


Taken by Yifei Li, Chen Chen, Daixi Jia


Taken by Dan Yang


Taken by Chen Huang

Meteor Shower

Taken by Ziyang Chen


Taken by Wenxin Pan, Tianren Luo